SABIC ranked among the world’s largest petrochemicals manufacturers, SABIC is a public company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 70% of the Company’s shares are owned by the Saudi Arabian government, with the remaining 30% held by private investors in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

SABIC began in 1976 by Royal decree and its growth has been nothing short of miraculous. Today, the company has operations in over 40 countries with a global workforce of over 40,000 talented individuals.

SABIC is composed of six business units, each headed by an Executive Vice President. These are: Chemicals, Polymers, Performance Chemicals, Fertilizers, Metals and Innovative Plastics. These six operating units make four distinctly different kinds of products:

  • Chemicals – Chemicals and Performance Chemicals
  • Plastics – Polymers and Innovative Plastics
  • Fertilizers
  • Metals

SABIC’s Specialty Film & Sheet business offers engineered thermoplastic sheet, systems and film products across a wide variety of industries, ranging from building and construction, consumer electronics to transportation.

LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet and film portfolio is backed by advanced technical support and application development services around the world to meet our customers’ global specification needs with local supply.

Perhaps no other end-user demands more from products than in the safety and security segment. These days, burglary, terrorism, violence and natural disasters are all-too-familiar threats. Risk of injury, theft or damage is much bigger with property using unprotected glass. SABIC’s portfolio of advanced sheet materials and technologies offers an arsenal of powerful solutions that stand up to the toughest challenges.

A leading global provider of visual and digital solutions with a high level of security. The development of reprography techniques and the growing involvement of criminal organizations have made the counterfeiting of printed documents increasingly accessible. Only the most recent technologies can secure sensitive documents, such as identity documents. SURYS wants to accompany States and industries in this global fight against fraud.

Expert in high security laminates for identity and travel documents, SURYS solutions also protect fiduciary documents, vehicles and products. The SURYS is equally a partner of the media industry in its fight against fraud and illicit content on the Internet.

SURYS proposes a full range of high security solutions, from holographic laminates to the complete document personalization and online authentication system.

Security for customers is a top priority for the SURYS. These company manufacturing sites apply the strictest rules with respect to the manufacturing procedures and physical security.

The Group's Paris site has maintained its CWA/Intergraf certification, an accreditation by the European Central Bank to which has been added the NASPO Class 1 US certification; as a result, SURYS is the only in the world with both European and US certification.

In addition, and to increase the security level, all production steps of a hologram are made in-house: graphic design, production and direct storage of finished products, as well as providing transportation services.  

State Enterprise “Polygraph Combine “Ukraina” for securities’ production” has been working in the market of printing services for more than 35 years. Polygraph Combine “Ukraina” is an intensively developing enterprise and a leading manufacturer of printed products in Ukraine.

Polygraph Combine “Ukraina” specializes in production of four main groups of printed products: blank forms of securities, blank forms of strictly accountable documents, postage stamps and excise duty stamps. Each direction has several branches.

Polygraph Combine “Ukraina” has many years of experience in production of the full range of documents that certify a citizen’s identity. In particular, we have the technical capability to produce a new generation of documents with electronic data medium.

Polygraph Combine “Ukraina” has state-of-the-art equipment and technology for ID1 (ID cards) and ID3 (passports) production with digital data media. The enterprise develops secured documents of different types on plastic media.

All documents are equipped with a security complex required under the terms and conditions of use.

ART-Line is the largest wholesale supplier and our partner in the introduction of new production technologies and high-quality supplies in the field of security printing. At presents the market the company operates more than 20 years and has extensive experience in this field.

Mainly ART-Line cooperates with government organizations around the world and offers service for:

  • e-Passport and e-ID Card production according ICAO and ISO
  • Visa sticker production
  • Banknote production and converting
  • Tax stamp production and traceability
  • Postal stamps
  • Security paper manufacturing
  • Other security documents as i.e. driver licenses
  • Lottery tickets, certificates, governmental and official documents
  • Security features and design for security printing documents
  • Personalisation and numbering equipment for security printing documents
  • Entire security printing plants
  • Equipment, software, consumables
  • Quality assurance and management
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems – MES